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To improve the client satisfaction on closing that results in more referral opportunities, written reviews and video reviews for our team.

Who is responsible?

All members of the team have a role to play. Procedures are created by Nick, Karim and Chelsea and stored in the Wiki.

Due Date(s)

  • Buyer closing process - Janurary 12, 2023 - Karim and Nick

  • Seller closing process - January 12, 2023 - Chelsea and Nick

Buyer Closing Process

This is to be stored as an action plan in Follow Up Boss and triggered by the closing date field.

7 Days before Closing Day

2 Days before Closing Day

Closing Day

  • Move the deal stage for the relevant deal to “closed”

  • Add tags for weekly email and quarterly print

  • Remove weekly content roundup tags

  • Note to agent on file to contact the client and send them a closing “What’s Next” email

  • Agent calls

Closing Day +7 (One week post-closing)

  • Reminder note to Chelsea to check in via phone call and ask for referral

  • Chelsea calls and checks for opportunities to serve. Asks for referral and video review

  • Sends “Closing +1week” email which has a call to review and refer.

Closing Day +30 (one month post-closing)

  • Reminder note to Chelsea and Agent that a month has passed. Is there any reason to text them?

  • Follow up on review request

Closing Day +90 (three months post-closing)

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