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To improve the bottom line profit by making marketing spend for listings more efficient. 2023 was experimental in many ways, and now it’s time to tighten up our systems for acquiring leads and selling our listings.


Some of the listing marketing spend was set out in the wiki on 2024 Budget. Other notes are below:


What we used to do



Pay completely for staging, regardless of time on market, as negotiated with our seller

We pay for virtual staging

We will pay for two months of physical staging, and only on full-commission listings where we have set the price. Client pays and we reimburse on closing.

We pay for virtual staging


Pay 50/50 for touch-ups. We were burned badly on this in 2022 when a client spent $14,000 on painting.

Match client 50/50 on touch-ups up to $500 spend on our side. This is paid on closing.


We pay for cleaners

We pay for cleaners of our choosing, and make it clear which items are/aren’t cleaned (no windows, for example).


We pay for photography and 3D tour.

We pay for photography and 3D tour. We are working on bringing these in-house professionally and even renting out the equipment.


We brought this in-house in late 2022.

Keeping this in-house with Jan.

Facebook spend



YouTube Spend



Coming Soon Postcards



Just Listed Postcards/First Open House



“How they Did It”/Case Study Postcards



Agent Open House


$200 for supplies

Mega Open House


$200 if standards are followed.

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