Holiday Kick Off Party {{ currentPage ? currentPage.title : "" }}
  • held at Nick’s family home

  • usually from 2-6pm on a Saturday

  • usually the last Saturday of November

  • Ukrainian food, drink, music, and a lot of fun!

  • this is an event for any and all of Nick’s clients

What do you have to do (admin)?

  • create Google Form to invite

  • create advertisements

  • use last year images and video

  • create invite list (talk to Nick about list and use iXact)

  • grocery shop for ingredients and ready made foods (2019 sheet is here)

  • do booze run

  • we created an iPhone notes that was shareable so we could make sure nothing was double purchased

  • book photographer and videographer

  • post video and pics day of

  • post the final ones from photog and video

  • post video to the YouTube channel

  • create a blog post talking a bit about the event

  • use the same type of format for pics (placed on a white background and made to look like physical pictures placed on a table

2019 Notes

-more sausage (got 2 loops this year)

-went through 7 bags of Adam's Sausages perogies and the entire emergency stash. So maybe 10 bags next year?

-make 1 less batch of Periske (double batch)

-make 1 less batch of Nachynka (double batch)

-more juice boxes (we got 32 this year)


-Nick to work on invite list (prioritize)

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