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Here’s the equipment we use in our various recording:


  • Google Meet for online podcasts.

  • Loom for screen recording and picture-in-picture. Perfect for explainer videos and walking through paperwork. If you would use this regularly and benefit from having an email with this, consider subscribing to Bombbomb.

  • Simplecast for hosting your podcast (audio) and pushing it to wherever people should find your pod, like Apple, Spotify and more.

Other Resources:

  • Podcast Book - a good basic book. If you read others you like, let me know.

  • Pop Up Podcasting - My friend and client JP Davidson is the founder and owner here of this great Ottawa business. He’s an awesome dude and can even produce something from your raw recordings, or give advice on what you need to set up. Reach out to him, they do a free initial consultation and they have a good guide as a lead magnet on their site.

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