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For full list, see the duties for this position.


Every Morning. 9:00-9:10

  • Join Google Meet or in-person daily team huddle.

Every Morning 9:10-10:00

  • Hard prospecting and make notes in Follow-Up Boss, with a focus on listing.. Voice-to-voice phone calls (not just texts or emails) to leads and prospects, not active clients. Focus on:

    • Getting an appointment with A, B or C prospects

    • Inviting a member of your sphere to coffee, a client event or some other item of value.

    • Reaching leads that you have not yet been able to speak to and categorize as an A, B, C, nurture or trash.

Every Morning 10:00-11:00

  • Content creation. Work on your content for the week for the weekly content newsletter. This will generally be a video plus blog entry.

  • To-do list on Use your to-do list and check it for assignments from the admin team.

Every Morning 11:00-12:00

  • Soft prospecting and make notes in Follow-Up Boss. Although voice-to-voice calls are still best, this could also be texts, emails and handwritten notes. Focus on:

    • Converting leads into prospects by providing value.

    • Reverse prospecting our listings.

    • Strengthening relationship with prospects by nurturing the relationship and getting to know what they need.

    • Bring value to your sphere with follow-up and deepening your relationships.

  • To-do list on Use your to-do list and check it for assignments from Nick or the admin team.


  • Consider using lunches to deepen relationships. Take a prospect or member of your sphere for coffee. Meet a colleague in the cafeteria to share ideas. Things like that. A good goal would be to do this twice a week.

Every Afternoon before leaving the office

  • Listing appointments.

  • Strategic and tactical marketing (writing ads, setting up email sequences, etc.) and serving clients.

  • Create schedule for tomorrow in calendar

  • Make notes on any leads or prospects that you contacted today

  • Add to-dos to Monday to-do list or agent’s to-do list. This must be done before leaving the office.



  • Listing Launch Days - If we are launching listings this week, they take priority over other activities.


  • 10:00 - Join Weekly Sales Meeting (for Realtors). Check that everyone is on track. Set goals for agent lead-gen activities for the week ahead and set expectations for content creation and posting.

  • Batch video shoot with Jan Tiley


  • Add items for L10 meeting.


  • Attend our weekly Level 10 meeting.

Saturdays and Sundays

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