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This page is an index of common tasks. More detailed descriptions should be linked to this page and organized as a child page to this one. The sub-pages to this one should not contain checklists or explanations of software, each which have their own section but may be linked from this page.

Common Tasks

CEO/Marketing Tasks

  • General

    • Contest - Exporting from KingSumo to Bombbomb

    • Final Walkthroughs - How to schedule.

    • Leads - How to introduce yourself.

    • Leads - How to write a follow-up note.

  • Buyer-Specific

  • Seller-Specific

COO/ Operations and Procedural

  • Agent Resources

    • How to access the monthly MLS stats (used in eNewletter)

    • How to find logos/pictures etc. 

  • Bombbomb

    • How to add a contact and contact list

    • How to do up the eNewsetter (format)

    • How to do up forms (open house/RSVP lists)

    • How to track who has opened emails (use this for eNewsletter)

    • How to record a bombbomb video 

    • How to embed a video into an email

    • How to bombbomb from your email (and when to bombbomb)

  • Canva

    • How to use

    • What I use it for

  • Drive (Google)

  • Fiverr

    • How to use

  • iXact CRM

    • How to enter a new client

    • Understanding the ranking system

    • How to write up the newsletter - format that Nick likes

    • How to add/record a transaction

  • Matrix

    • How to set up an auto email search

    • How to set up a regular search

    • How to enter a new listing

    • How to update a listing status (cond/firm)

    • How to cancel/suspend

    • How to upload pictures

    • How to add an open house

  • NexOne

    • How to set up a kit

    • How to set up e-signatures

    • How to enter a new transaction

    • How to enter a new listing

    • What documents are required for each transaction/listing


    • How to add a new listing 

    • How to add a blog post

    • How to embed media/photos

    • How to set an open house

  • Prezi

    • How to use

    • Format used to make the market stats presentation

  • Prime Visuals

    • How to book photos

  • RLP Network/Smart Studio

    • How to do up a feature sheet (all we use Smart Studio for, feel free to browse other features)

  • ShowingTime

  • Webforms

    • How to set up a kit

    • How to fill out the forms

CFO (Financial and Recording)

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