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  1. navigate to OREB

  2. select Matrix

  3. on the right hand side of the page when you scroll down, you will see a purple icon under “External Links”. Select that.

4. This is Showingtime and you can book showings through this link OR through the MLS listing page by:7

  1. search the property you would like to book a showing at

  2. you will see a Showingtime icon on the left hand side of the page next to the image of the property OR at the bottom of the MLS listing

  3. read through the listing and make sure that you book via Showingtime. For Purple Bricks, for example, they will leave a link that you copy/paste and can book through there. Other times it is via the person selling themselves and prefer to be contacted through email or phone.

  4. select either icon to book and it will take you to Showingtime specifically for that property

  5. select “Schedule a Single Showing” at the bottom

  6. if the property is available to view, the time boxes will be white. If they are blocked off, they will be black.

  7. select your time box (they are in 15 min increments) and select the details you need in the box that pops up.

  8. schedule every one, including previews for Nick, as “Showing”

  9. select the end time of the showing. Choose a 1/2 hour block.

  10. select the buyer’s name as this will help you keep track.

  11. press”Request Appointment”

  12. it will either confirm immediately or will be confirmed or denied in Showingtime. I recommend having the one you access from the Matrix home page open in the background to be able to check frequently

5. Once you have the showing confirmed, email the client with the email template to inform them.

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