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Keep things running smoothly by making sure that all necessary information is in the client transaction management systems.


How to input all necessary information into:


Client Database

  • All clients who are a strong listing lead or have a signed listing agreement must have a complete entry in our CRM.

    • Completely fill in names, addresses and contact information

    • Tag accurately

    • Create a listing deal in the deal pipeline

    • Link the client’s intake form and client checklist to the CRM

    • Link the client’s Google drive to the CRM

Transaction Management System

  • Create a new client with correct contact information

    • Create a new listing from the client record and upload:

      • Working With a REALTOR

      • Listing Agreement

      • Schedule A for the Listing Agreement

      • Client FINTRAC

    • When an offer is received, create a new transaction from the listing and upload:

      • Confirmation of Cooperation and Representation

      • Agreement of Purchase and Sale

      • Any schedules that accompany the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

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