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To improve team production and set expectations for service by managing how referrals are shared to the team. This refers only to referrals received by Nick or non-Realtor members such as Hannah. All team members are allowed to work with their own referrals, but must check with Nick before referring out or to another team member.

Thought Process

Part of the benefit to team members of being on the team is access to leads and opportunities generated by the team. At the same time, some of these opportunities are naturally better than others. Team members also have an obligation to meet standards and not rely solely on the team for their opportunities, so the best opportunities are reserved for team members that are meeting standards and producing income for the team, so that we all go further together.


Quality of Leads (out of 10) can generally be sorted as follows:

  • Repeat client (10)

  • Nick’s Sphere (10)

  • Referral from past client (8-9)

  • Inquiry via website (4-7)

  • Referral from realtor (4-7)

  • “Hand Raiser” from marketing campaign (4-7)

  • Realtor.ca sign call (4-5)

  • Phone call on listing (4-5)

  • Sign call from online lead source (1-3)

To be eligible to receive a referral (in this case, a lead that would be a 5 or better above), the team member must:

  • Be consistently making 100 contacts per week

  • Hosting open houses for the team, monthly

  • Growing their database

  • Doing 40 hours of prospecting monthly, including 20 hard hours

  • Have brought in one active client of their own (has a BRA or signed a listing) to match.

  • Consistently posting blogs for WCR

  • Consistently posting to Social Media

  • Has written goals

  • Has completed all team training

  • Consistently attends Weekly Pipeline Meetings and L10 meetings

  • FUB is up to date.

  • NexOne Paperwork is up to date

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