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Every time you are processing a file in Nexone, add a note in our side’s notes under the “Notes” tab stating:

“Please forward the final trade print to

This will trigger the HUB to send the final trade print once the sale is complete so that you can create an SA Invoice with the appropriate numbers.

When a Buyer’s Specialist has worked with a Buyer, you have to create a Sales Assistant Invoice for them to be paid their commission.

This is what our Sales Assistant Invoice looks like:

In order to fill this out, you need a Tradeprint. This is what a Tradeprint looks like:

The math you will need to do depends on the split in commission. Sometimes it is 25%, 50%, or 100% for rentals. Find out the split and do the following:

To calculate the Total Agent(s) Net Commission:

agent base - plan #1 - plan #4 = Total Agent(s) Net Commission

$11,625 - $500 -$1,162.50 = $9,962.50

To calculate the Share to Buyer Rep/SA:

divide the Total Agent(s) by the appropriate % split

(50% split) $9,962.50/2 = $4,918.25

this is also the same number that you will enter in to Sub-Total Buyer Rep/SA Commission

To calculate the HST:

multiply your “Share Amount” by .13

$4,918.25 X .13 = $647.56

To calculate Total Payment Buyer Rep/SA:

add your sub-total and HST amount together

$4,918.25 + $647.56 = $5,628.81

To Submit:

  1. When you have a new transaction that will require a Sales Assistant Invoice, upload this blank one first and label as “Sales Assistant Invoice” (there is one for the Buyer and Seller side) under document type to signal to the HUB that you will need a finalized Trade Sheet as the ones sent via email as soon as a transaction is Conditional will not always be correct.

2. Make a note under the “Notes” tab in Nexone under the one that is NOT shared of what the split is and who your Buyer’s Agent is (ex: 50% of commission to First Last)

3. Once a final Trade Sheet is provided, create the Invoice, have approved by Nick and the Buyer’s Agent and set up for signatures.

4. Remove the blank SA invoice and replace with the signed copy by pressing the red circle with the white horizontal line. This is remove the form completely from anyone’s view.

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