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How to book showings and communicate them with clients effectively. The goal here is to do as little back and forth as possible.


  1. A client suggests a property for showing or you have a property you suggest to a client. Ideally the client has been coached by you to give you their availability when asking for showings.

  2. If showings are hard to get on a property, book on ShowingTime first and let the client know afterwards.

  3. Email 1 to client:

    1. Confirm properties: “Hi Elyse, I am happy to show you those 3 properties on Fairwinds, First and Muldoon, beginning with Muldoon.”

    2. Confirm time and place: I’ve booked all three. Consider them confirmed and I’ll meet you at Muldoon at 14:00.

    3. Salutation: “Regards, Karim.”

  4. If scheduling was needed with the client, book showings on ShowingTime.

  5. Email 2 - There is no Email 2 unless a property fails to confirm or rescheduling is needed.


  • Use email rather than text.

  • Use a friendly, but professional tone in emails.

  • Coach clients ahead of time on how to communicate their availability, how to ask for showings, and how to be prepared for showings.

  • Take ownership of scheduling. Let the client know when the property is available, and when you’re available to show it.

  • Use a minimum number of emails possible. Back-and-forth saps your attention and your energy.

  • Consider all showings confirmed when booked and let your clients know that. This cuts way down on extra time spent in the email and missed communications.

  • Use virtual showings when schedules don’t line up.


  • Let a client completely dictate your schedule. If you are not available at a certain time, you do not have to explain why. “No.” is a complete sentence.

  • Get caught in endless emails.

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