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Explanation of our conversion systems. These are the systems by which:

  1. we nurture a lead and convert them into a client that closes a transaction

  2. we track what we did so that we can measure, improve and repeat those actions


  • Follow Up Boss - Recording lead sources, calls, client details and touches

  • - Recording the sources for all of our deals and analyzing the results

  • Wikiful - Recording the system for converting clients to make it the standard, then improving that standard by constant iteration

How this system works

  • We create systems and scripts for:

    • First contact with leads from different sources

    • Mapping out where closings come from

    • Figuring out dollar value of closings

    • Figuring out conversion systems for each closing

    • Handing off a client from one team member to another

    • Referring a mortgage broker or lawyer

    • Sending out a referral to a colleague in another market

    • Mapping touchpoints of a client’s purchase, sale, rental listing or rental journey

    • Receiving a referral

    • Thanking a referral on receipt

    • Thanking a referrer on closing

    • Thanking a client on closing

    • Showing a home

    • Debriefing a showing

    • Explaining forms

    • Explaining an offer

    • Writing an offer

    • Presenting an offer

    • Countering an offer

    • Creating a CMA

    • Following up with a lead

    • Reaching out to a cold lead

    • Reaching out to a cold client

    • Asking for a referral

    • Asking for a review

    • Asking for a video review

    • Gathering client details

  • These scripts and processes are recorded in our team wiki, with links to standard forms like a new client intake form.

  • Conversion systems help us by:

    • Improving efficiency - If your conversion system is strong, you’re effectively making more money per hour of prospecting because you’re converting leads at a higher rate.

    • Increased referrals - A good coversion system isn’t just sales; by being consistent and highly professional your system becomes part of your referral marketing. Clients are impressed and it’s much more likely that they refer you.

    • Allowing delegation - When your conversion system is clear and repeatable you can delegate parts of it to an assistant or specialist.

    • Easing growth - Want to add a Buyer’s agent, but are worried that they won’t be as good as you? A clear conversion system sets expectations and a standard of service to your clients, allowing your team to serve you just as well (or even better than you do). If you can do that and generate leads, you’re infinitely scalable.

    • Reclaiming time - A clear conversion system takes less time than flying by the seat of your pants. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your clients have everything that they need.

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