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To capture more client opportunities by ensuring that all leads (from all sources) are on Drip Campaigns.

What’s a Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is a set of automated emails, potentially an initial text, and automated reminders for the tracking agent to call and follow-up with calls, texts or actions to leads. This is to maximise the amount of leads that convert into clients, and minimize lost leads and wasted marketing spend.

Action Plans vs. Automations in Follow-Up Boss

Follow-up boss has two similar-sounding processes that do different things. Usually you can think of this as Automations put Action Plans in motion.

  • Action Plans are step-by-step series of initial text, automatic or manual emails, manual call reminders, client record notes and manual texts that are generally based on a number of days from their beginning.

  • Automations are a trigger (usually a stage change or a tag added) that puts things in motion (usually an action plan).

Action Plans Active and in Development for 2024

  • 1YNP (Buyer) - Active - When a lead does not respond to our agents after the initial several attempts at contact and the unresponsive lead ends up in Nurture, ten emails are sent over the course of a year to try to re-engage before moving the lead to the fish pond. In the nurture campaign, it is reassigned to Nick, stripped of some tags and receives the weekly content roundup emails weekly.

  • 7DOL (Buyer) - Active - Immediate and consistent contact for a new lead when they have the Contact | Buyer tag and the AP | 7DOL Tag is added. It adds the Weekly Content Roundup tag midway which sets off its own welcome sequence.

  • WCR (Buyer) - Active - Triggered when a lead has Contact | Buyer and WCR | Weekly Content Roundup Tags. Sends a short email drip to tell them about the Weekly Content Roundup, which they will now start receiving.

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