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Kashoo is the accounting software we use to organize expenses.

To see a video of how to enter an expense, follow this link: http://vid.us/7m23zi

  1. Log In to Kashoo

  2. Select “Income and Expenses” in left hand column.

  3. You will see two white tabs, select “Enter Expense”.

  4. Select your “Supplier”. If it is a new supplier, select “Add Supplier” from the drop down menu to ensure that all data is correct.

  5. Select “Paid From”. 99% of the time is is “2000 Credit Card Payable”. Check the form of payment on the reciept.

  6. Select the “Date” that the purchase was made.

  7. Leave the “Reference #” alone.

  8. Under “Category”, select the type of expense it is. For example. if it is a receipt for gas, select “5780 Vehicle Expense”.

  9. ***you will be entering a row for each individual item on the receipt.

  10. Under “Description” write what the first item is.

  11. Under “Quantity” enter the number of units for that item. Most of the time leave it as 1.

  12. Under price place the price before tax. (Some items include the tax in them and some are not taxed at all, so pay attention to what the circumstance is. For example, Gas has the HST included in the price and fresh produce does not have a tax on it at all.

  13. Apply the appropriate tax under “Sales Tax”

  14. Enter the rest of your entries this way.

  15. If this is a bill for a meal out, make sure to add the tip in at the end without tax applied to it,

  16. Double check that all of your amounts are correct and that the “Total” is accurate.

  17. Once you have entered all the data you need, click the blue button labeled “Enter Expense”.

  18. To add an image of the receipt, you have to save the expense and go back in and add it in after. Simply search at the bottom of the “Enter Expense” screen for the entry you wish to add to and add the image under “Attachments”.

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