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Improve our bottom line with more repeat and referral business. Our listing and closing baskets are great potential touchpoints for clients, and by making the best use of them we improve the chance that they will tell others, leave a great review or work with us again because of the experience that we had together.

What do these include?

Listing Launch Basket

  • Wine or Sparkling Juice

  • Snacks

  • Branded cleaning cloths

  • Cleaning solution

  • Lockbox and iBox

  • Printed sheet (use heavy, glossy stock)

    • Side 1 - “Preparing my listing. Put this on the fridge”

      • Contact #’s for team

      • What’s being included

      • Dates for stager, inspector, handyman, final walkthrough

      • QR code for our professionals directory

    • Side 2 -

      • Welcome message and team photo

      • QR for our blog

      • How to prepare for a showing or open house list

Closing Basket

  • Wine or sparkling juice

  • Budget according to deal type

  • Printed sheet (use heavy, glossy stock)

    • Side 1

      • Message of thanks

      • Invitation to catered housewarming

    • Side 2

      • Summary of client events to expect in the future

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