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Based upon this chart.

Key Activities & Duties

• Responsible for the handling, appointment conversion, and delegation of all inbound company leads. (Ex. Referral, internet, website, phone, open houses, walk-ins, and etc.)

• Manage and track client and lead databases for lead generation & conversion. Ensure that all agents keep up with their tasks for lead initial contact plans and lead follow up (nurturing) plans.

• Hold agents accountable to lead generation and conversion activities and their scoreboards by tracking all key business activities and setting weekly goals. (Ex. Contacts, appointments, conversion ratios and performance metrics)

• Open House scheduling and lead delegation based on the above performance metrics.

• Training agents on business servicing, client care techniques, productivity methods, and best practices, which may include holding training to establish role-play and real-time client interaction corrections while showing positive and poor examples.

• Hold all new agents accountable to all training activities on new agent onboarding calendars.

• Create, practice, audit, and train team on scripts. (Ex. Buyer conversion, open house, buyer consultation, internet lead initial contact, and etc.)

• Conduct regular coaching & accountability sessions with agents.

• Prospect for and develop existing and past clients from company databases.

• Team mentorship that includes helping the agents to identify homes to show that meet buyer criteria, aiding in

negotiations and overseeing offers and counteroffers, deal doctor issues, appointment scheduling, and shadowing on client consultations and property showings.

• Recruiting new agents to the company by hitting performance benchmarks for the number of recruiting appointments

conducted and new recruits that have joined the company.

Job Specific Skills

• Communicate effectively with peers, superiors, clients, and vendors in written and verbal form.

• Strong leadership & motivational skills

• Practice, memorize, and internalize scripts.

• Ability to block out distractions and listen intently to the conversation that is occurring.

• Create a sense of comfort and familiarity through their ability to build rapport.

• Excellent organizational and time management skills.

• Organized, systematic, and detail-oriented.

• Results-oriented and high achiever.

• Basic understanding of computers and navigating the Internet.

• Career development and training focused.

• Strong phone voice.

Performance Benchmarks

• Sales Manager is expected to conduct a minimum of ___ recruiting appointments per month, and recruit ____ new agents to join the company per year.

• Sales Manager is expected to retain agents by implementing a new agent training curriculum and coaching program to get agents into production and closing a minimum of ____ transactions in their first year, and a minimum of _____ transactions per year each year thereafter.


• 5% gross override per closed transaction from all agents that were recruited and trained by sales manager.

• Sales manager to be able to sell real estate him/herself without paying any percentage or commission split to the company.

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