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This is a description of how our team prepares and launches a listing.


To impress our clients with our professionalism and consistency from all levels of our team. If client perceive us as professional, they are more confident in our skills, more likely to have a positive experience listing and selling their home with us, and more likely to refer friends and work with us again in the future.

This entry consolidates best practices from previous years. Each sub-task should be linked to its own entry in how-to’s where applicable.


In general, the responsibilities of each team members are:

  • Lead (Nick)

    • Ultimate responsibility for accuracy and quality of work. When a client has questions or concerns, Nick is needed.

    • Also has responsibilities as member of the Sales team.

    • Initial data gathering (new client intake form)

  • Listing Coordinator

    • Listing on-time and accurately on various platforms


      • Matrix (public MLS)

      • feature sheets

      • templated posts

    • Coordinating professionals


Organizing photos and google drive

  • In client facing folder, create a new folder called “address still listing photos”

  • Downloaded photos by searching “PODDER” (photos done by Marc Podder) in Nick’s gmail, uploaded them to the new folder that was created in step above. Ensure that you download the MLS quality photos


  • Google Dashboard, sign in

  • Click on Matrix

  • Add/edit at top of screen > click either condominium/residential > Create new listing

  • NOTE: Continue saving as incomplete as you work

Fill in all Yellow Blanks

  • Listing Rep - Search Nicholas Fundytus

  • Find the following information in the listing agreement for the property

    • Commission to sell brokerage/office: 5%

    • Mere posting, Sellers right reserved, Listing conditions: NO

    • Consent to contact after expiry: No (find this in listing agreement)

  • Property information (Find on Listing Agreement)

    • Street, Street name and type

    • City, Province, Postal Code

    • Sellers names

    • List price

    • List date

    • Expiry date

    • PIN, Neighbourhood name, Legal description, zoning description and Roll # (find in Geowarehouse)

    • Set latitude and longitude manually by inputting the listing address and placing the pin in the correct location.

  • Property Structure Information:

    • Fill out all required fields based off of Client intake form and Previous MLS listing

    • DO NOT put square footage

  • Directions and Remarks

    • Directions: find directions in Google Maps

    • Public Remarks: Use property features and input them into chat GPT to create a paragraph about the listing under 1000 characters.

    • Rep Remarks: Add any notes that would help the buyer representative show the property. Mention that Floor plan, HOODQ, additional photos, etc are available on website.

  • Beds and Baths

    • Input the number of beds above grade and beds below grade (Below grade = basement)

    • Enter number of Full baths, number of partial baths, and number of en-suites. Total baths = full + partial (must be a whole number).

  • Room details

    • Enter all Room types, Level that the room is situated and the dimensions from old MLS listing.

  • Additional Information

    • Any appliances included (Client Intake)

    • Features/equipment included (Client intake)

    • Restrictions (See Geowarehouse)

    • Rental Equipment (Include the item and price)

    • Association/common area fee (Condo fees) and check off what it includes

    • Exclusions (Client intake)

    • Property taxes and year - whole numbers only (Client intake)

    • Occupancy (owner or tenant)

    • Lockbox type (Verify with Nick)

    • Opt-In CREA DDF - Yes

    • Add link to Virtual Tour Video on Youtube

  • ‘Save as Incomplete’

  • Add photos/videos

    • Located MLS quality photos (should already have their own folder in the Google Drive)

    • You can input up to 30 photos

    • Download photos and upload to MLS

    • Make sure you set the primary photo to be a picture of the front of the home

    • Order the photos by dragging them

    • Save photo upload

IMPORTANT: Have Nick go over template before publishing. Add MLS number into NEXONE transaction before publishing to MLS.

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