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  • Validate the accuracy of information in the CRM (FUB)

  • Add move-in dates (can look on Intake forms, Geowarehouse for closing dates, or in Nexone).

  • Add birthdates (intake forms or FINTRAC).

  • Make a note on the last time it was checked (tag?) that is searchable (Tag called “Audited 20XX”)

  • Update newsletter for iXact

  • Up-to-date tags

  • Up-to-date OREB map code - Link to OREB Map

  • Background information notes

    • Where they came from

    • Notes about them

    • Kids’ names and birth years (if known)

    • Pets and breeds

    • Interests and hobbies

  • FUB will become the main source of truth, this process helps it get there


  1. Change a FUB entry to “needs audit” - This flags the client and makes them searchable

  2. Stephanie audits the entry, engaging team if needed

    1. Validate address and contact information

      1. Merge spouse if needed. In 99% of cases, she should be primary contact

      2. Is this up to date in Geowarehouse?

      3. Does it match with iXact?

      4. Can it be validated against an intake form if needed?

  3. Add move-in date

    1. This can be found in Geowarehouse or NexOne (past transactions)

    2. Add to move-in-date anniversary action plan (if one exists)

    3. If move-in-date does not have year, we’ll need to create a tag for the move-in-year

  4. Add birthday and spouse birthday to associated fields

    1. Can be checked against saved ID’s and FINTRACs

    2. Information may be available on iXact

    3. Information may have been imported and misfiled

  5. Add background information

    1. Where did they come from? 

    2. Who referred them/what property did they sign call on/what ad did they respond to?

    3. What are they looking for/looking to sell? (We should have a “deal” started in the deal stage if they are going to list or buy with us)

    4. Who have they referred to us? When?

    5. Fill in critical fields

      1. Stage (defaults to lead with new leads)

      2. Source

      3. Agent

      4. Price

      5. Tags

      6. Fill in Background notes as described above

      7. Sign Call Property (if applicable)

      8. Original Source Notes (ie: Melanie is a rental lead that came from FaceBook)

      9. Referral Contact (if applicable)

      10. OREB Map codes

  6. Audit iXact

    1. Does the address match? If not, what one is the correct one? 

      1. Check with agent

      2. Check Geowarehouse

      3. If there is any uncertainty, check with Nick

    2. Do the contact details for each partner match

    3. Are they on the print newsletter list?

      1. Should they be? If unsure, check with Nick. You can phone call about this.

    4. Are they on the eNewsletter list?

      1. Should they be? If unsure, check with Nick. You can phone call about this.

      2. Do they get a “Client House,” “Client Condo,” “Prospect House,” Prospect Condo”

    5. Mine iXact for information that should be in FUB, like kids’ names, pets, etc. and anyone that they’ve referred to us. Transfer this to FUB

  7. Change stage back to appropriate Stage.

  8. Add tag “Audited 2021” (or appropriate year)

  9. Auditor creates a note in FUB - “Audit complete”

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