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Here is a video walkthrough of setting up a new MLS listing on our website https://vid.us/fjadq1

Once the new listing goes live on Matrix (MLS), you can add it to the website by emailing it from Matrix.

  1. Search the listing in Matrix

  2. Select “Email” at the bottom of the page

  3. Add xsvjsgn0gc@thickbrick.ca into the “To” section and press “Send”

  4. Wait a few minutes for the information to be sent to the website

  5. Log in to the back end of nickfundytus.ca

  6. Under “Property Administration” select the type of property it is:

    1. Condominiums

    2. Rentals

    3. Residentials

  7. Your listing will appear at the very top of the list of listings with a red X in the “Listing is live on the site” column

  8. Select the listing

  9. The majority of the information will be sent over from Matrix, however there will be some spots you have to adjust and fill in.

  10. Open up the listing on Matrix on your other screen and go through each box and ensure the information entered is correct

    1. Check the “Listing is live on the site” box

    2. Date listed is the list date

    3. MSL ID is the MLS number from Matrix

    4. Listing agent is “fundyni”

    5. Listing Broker Name is “Royal LePage Performance Realty”

    6. Listing Agent Name is “Nick Fundytus”

    7. For live MLS listings, DO NOT check the “Hide List Price” box because we want to show the price!

    8. Make sure the address information is correct (especially the postal code and # of the house)

    9. The entire “Residential Info” section will be already filled in from Matrix

    10. In “Dwelling Details”, you will have to add:

      1. The YouTube link to the listing video

      2. Add the “Virtual Tour” by c/p iGuide link and paste

      3. Erase the beginning of the link that it goes from this: https://youriguide.com/281_clarence to this: 281_clarence 

      4. Click Save

    11. Adjust the property description by adding back in filler words and changing abbreviations. We do not have a character limit on the website like we do in Matrix.

    12. Add the feature sheet information after the property description by adding “Click HERE for the feature sheet!” and hyperlinking “HERE” with the link to the Beacon.by

    13. We will mass upload the images at the end, so skip this section for now

    14. Leave “Related Properties” blank

    15. Under “Map Data”, the Latitude and Longitude will already have populated from Matrix

    16. Under “Website URL”, highlight the “Site” box (your listing WILL NOT SAVE UNLESS THIS LINK IS HIGHLIGHTED — its just a weird quirk)

      1. Make sure that there is a “Slug”, if not, follow the example in grey text below and create one for the property (ie: Marseille_Street_516)

    17. Leave “Sale Information” blank

    18. Under dimensions, all of the property dimensions you got in your iGuide will show up here. You may need to add in the measurements of the garage as they do not give you an option to do so on Matrix. If you are missing a room dimension, be sure to add it by

      1. Scrolling to the bottom

      2. Select “Add another Dimension”

      3. Click the “Dimension” box that just appeared

      4. Click the website URL in the “Website URL” section

      5. Select “Save” or “Save and continue”

    19. Make any and all changes you need to and ALWAYS click the highlight “Site” box under “Website URL”

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