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Intended Result

Intended to consistently deliver high-quality service for Seller clients.


Our team uses a Seller Closing Checklist to walk any team member from first contact to closing. It is based on a system created by Dave Millette and Nick Fundytus with help from Stephanie Ross, and further informed by The High Performing Real Estate Team.

This Checklist is team-facing and makes our service high-quality and repeatable.


How to Use

  • The admin assistant is responsible for ensuring that this checklist exists for every active client and is completed. The admin assistant may ask an agent to set this up, but is responsible for following up to ensure that it is done.

  • Setting up this checklist should take no more than 5 minutes.

  • This checklist should be set up immediately upon receiving a new client or warm lead.

  1. Using the template, add 0052 - Internal Listing Process to the client’s file in Drive. If the client does not yet have a file, create one.

  2. Replace the words “Internal Listing Process” in the title with the client name(s) and add their name on Line 3.

  3. Add the link to this checklist in the client’s Followup Boss page under “Files.” Be sure to change the link permission to allow access to all members of our team (but not the public).

  4. Update this checklist throughout the process until the Seller closes. Remind agents if there are jobs missed.

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