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Prospectors face a lot of objection and resistance from leads and prospects. Depending on the lead source you may face different type of objection. The most common you will run into will be “ im just thinking right now” or “just looking”

Here are a few things you can say to someone who has given you an objection.

“We are just looking right now”…

  1. That’s good to hear. You should look thoroughly before you buy anything. Out of curiosity what kind of home are you looking for?

  2. That’s great. Are you looking to purchase a home?

  3. Absolutely. How many homes have you looked at so far?

  4. I understand. How did you find out about this home?

  5. Good idea. What are you looking for?

“We aren’t ready to work with an agent yet”

  1. Do you have a home you need to sell first?

  2. I understand, are you planning on finding your next home? would it help if you could see all the homes available le that fit your wants and needs?on your computer

  3. May I ask what expectations you have for the agent that represents you?

  4. Many of my clients have felt the same way at first. They quickly realized that this process can be kong and overwhelming. What if i set you up on your own custom online search?

We are going to wait. We aren’t ready right now?”

  1. I see. What specifically are you waiting for?

  2. Do you have a home to sell before you buy?

  3. When do you want to move into a new home?

  4. Understood. There is a lot to get in order before buying a new home. Preparing your current home for sale , meeting with a lender, insurance, inspectors, repairs finding a new home, etc. Would you like some help with all of that?

“We are not putting it back on the market”

  1. Really? Well if it had sold, where were you moving too?

  2. How soon do you want to be there?

  3. What do you think stopped you from selling?

  4. If i were to present you with a strong offer to purchase your home, would you still be willing to at least take a look at it?

  5. Well thats exactly what I would like to talk to you about. What would be the best time for me to quickly drop by, 4:00 today or tomorrow.

“I’m going to re list with the same agent”

  1. I understand. It make sense that you feel obligated to allow your last agent another chance to sell you home. What do you think they will do differently this time that they didn’t do last time?

  2. Do you think you’re at least owed the opportunity to interview other agents to see what they can do differently to get homes sold at this time?

  3. I would like to apply for the job to get your home back on the market and sold. When is a good time to meet?

“Im going to sell it myself” (FSBO)

  1. After what you have been through I can certainly understand. What do you think went wrong the first time you had it up for sale?

  2. Well i certainly understand the need to make change, but are you certain you want to keep it off multiple listing services when about 90% of buyers use an agent to purchase homes?

  3. You see, marketing homes to both general and public and to other agents is crucial to getting homes sold quickly for the highest price possible. Many great houses don’t sell the first time around. Don’t you think its at least worth 15 minutes to learn what I do differently to get homes sold before you make your decision.

“Ive already found a new agent”

  1. I see, have you already filled out paperwork with them? (If yes, wish them good luck with the sale of their home. If No, continue script)

  2. Great. You know, even the best houses don’t sell first time around. In fact, I specialize in selling homes that didn’t sell the first time around. Would you mind telling me what your next agent is planning on doing differently this time?

“We’re all set”

  1. I understand that, may i ask you next time youre in need of help. Can i be your point of contact.

  2. I can appreciate that, our best prepped clients are usually 9-12 months away for a firmer relationship. Let me ask you, when is your next buying season for this?

“We don’t want a pushy salesperson”

  1. Good, because i consider myself a customer service professional, not a salesperson, My job today is to address your needs and provide you with a professional guidance and assistance during the research process.

  2. I wouldn’t want one either, but can I share something with you real quick? I might want to help during the early research phase, someones who proactive in finding me a few homes i wanted to buy… as two minds on this could be better than one.

“We want to find another home before we put this on the market”

  1. I agree, prospecting to find your new home is important… can i share a thought with you? it may take as long as 2-4 months to sell your home.

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