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I’m a Buyer Specialist - What do I do every day? Freedom can be intimidating. Here are some ideas to set a framework. Exactly what you do is less important than setting up a system for yourself, doing it and tracking it.


Here are the activities that you should be planning to do every day, or at least every week, ranked from high-impact on your success to low impact.

  • Personal Responsibilities - Set aside time for rest, exercise and nutrition. Real Estate is not your life.

  • Negotiating an Offer - At the end of a successful offer, you have the chance to guide a client to a successful closing, where you will get paid. This is the highest and best use of your time within the work.

  • Prospecting - This is focused time each day to fill your pipeline with new leads. There are different ways to think of this that you’ll hear agents commonly use:

    • 3-2-1 (Tom Ferry approach) - Three hours of prospecting/lead generating activities each day, trying to set two new appointments, and going on one appointment.

      • Going on an appointment every day sounds intimidating, but remember that these appointments are a combination of sales-type and service-type activities.

      • Three hours is a lot of prospecting, and too much to do as calls every day. Prospecting is a combination of activities including calls, notes, pop-bys and electronic communication.

        • Pop-bys with people that you know

        • Phone calls to met and unmet contacts. Text is not a substitute for voice-to-voice

        • Follow up handwritten notes to people that you popped by or spoke to.

        • Video emails to leads or clients.

        • Connect with clients on social media. Comment and take a genuine interest in people that you know.

        • Have an easily accessible birthday calendar and mail birthday cards each Monday.

  • Convert Leads - Get the leads off the fence, on the “yes” or “no” side, it doesn’t matter. Once you know whether they’re going to be a client or not, you’ll be able to get a feel whether they’re worth your time.

    • Provide enough value for them to be interested in working with you.

    • Get them in the office for a Buyer Presentation and explain the process better than our competitors do.

    • Connect them with someone to pre-approve them, and then follow-up.

    • Centralize their information with an intake form.

    • Drip useful information for them using MailChimp (under development)

    • Invite them on showings, but don’t let them drag you all over town without a signed Buyer Representation Agreement. Debrief after the showings to demonstrate skill and value.

    • Explain the Buyer Representation Agreement to them, and ask them to sign it.

  • Work With Clients - Clients are pre-approved and have signed a Buyer Representation Agreement. They deserve more of our skill and attention than leads or unmet people, but the reason that they are lower on this list is that we have to fit them in after we have set aside time for prospecting for and converting leads. These activities are:

    • Showings

    • Explaining Offers (make videos for yourself to save repetition)

    • Discussing Offer Strategy

    • Writing Offers

    • Attending Inspections

    • Due diligence.

  • Education and Sharpening Skills -

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