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This section explains how to introduce yourself to a new lead.


Speed is Important

Contact the lead immediately when it comes in, even if just to acknowledge that you received their enquiry. This makes a huge difference as to whether we convert the lead to a client and there are many studies that back this up.

Call>Text>Email. Use the channel given, but try to escalate.

  • If the option is there to call, call. Voice to voice makes a better connection than email.

  • Call twice immediately. Don’t leave a voicemail or text until the second call.

  • If the option is not there to call, text and try to set a time for a call.

  • If all else fails, send an email with a video (Bombbomb, Loom, etc.) and set a time for a call/zoom.

Call Script/Voicemail Script

Hi ________, this is _______ from the Nick Fundytus team. I’m just calling to thank you for reaching out to us about your (home search/selling your home). . . I’m putting some information together for you to answer your questions, but is there anything that I can answer straight away for you? Great. The next step from here is that I’ll send you an email with the answers to your questions, and a couple of suggestions for times to meet on zoom or in person. Let me know what time works for you and I’ll make sure that it goes in the calendar. How does that work for you?

Text Script (save as a shortcut in your phone)

Hi _________, this is ________ from the Nick Fundytus team. Thanks for reaching out to us about _________. Is now a good time to give you a call to answer your questions or would (suggest a time) be better? Thanks, ___________.

Email Script

Hi _________,

<Record Video Here>

Thanks for reaching out about (your home search/selling our home). I’ve included a few notes in the video above and will look forward to serving you professionally. A good next step from here would be a quick phone or zoom call to discuss your requirements in more detail. How’s (suggest a time)?

I’ll look forward to meeting you voice-to-voice and helping you to make a great move!

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