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Duties are Based upon this chart.

  1. Marketing Director

  • MD1.1 Manage client database management program & system.

  • MD1.2 Create & regularly prepare all buyer & seller consultation packages.

  • MD1.3 Coordinate the preparation of all listing & open house flyers, graphics, signage and all other marketing materials.

  • MD1.4 Manage & update agent website(s), blog(s) and online listings.

  • MD1.5 Regularly assist agent to manage & enhance agent’s social media presence.

  • MD1.6 Track & coordinate all inbound leads from websites, social media & other online sources.

  • MD1.7 Coordinate all client & vendor appreciation events.

  • MD1.8 Regularly obtain client testimonials for websites, social media & other marketing materials.

  • MD1.9 Coordinate & implement agent marketing videos & property videos on website(s), blog(s), social media and client database email campaigns.

2. Administrative Manager

  • AM1.1 Oversee all aspects of the administration of the agent’s business.

  • AM1.2 Create & manage all systems for sellers, buyers, client database management, lead generation tracking, lead follow-up & all office administration.

  • AM1.3 Maintain all agent financial systems, profit & loss statement, bill payment, budget(s), bank accounts, and business credit card(s) with the help of our CPA.

  • AM1.4 Coordinate the purchasing of any office equipment, marketing materials and any other business related supplies and materials.

  • AM1.5 Create & update a business operations manual and all job descriptions/employment contracts for any future hires.

  • AM1.6 Manage the recruiting, hiring, training and ongoing leadership of all future administrative hires.

  • AM1.7 Hold agent(s) accountable for conducting all agreed upon lead generation activities.

  • AM1.8 Ensure that all agent activities are limited to listing property, showing property, negotiating contracts & lead generation.

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