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ShowingTime is the software used to book, cancel, and adjust showings. Here is a video of how to set up ShowingTime for a new listing

How to Access ShowingTime

  1. Open OREB

  2. Choose the Matrix icon

  3. Select “Add/Edit” from the top menu

  4. Under the “Quick Modify” drop-down select the listing you would like to set up Showingtime for

  5. Select “Manage ShowingTime” under “Other Options”

How to Set Up ShowingTime

  1. Upload a picture on the top left by clicking the arrow icon in the grey box that states “Upload Photo”. Use the same photo you used for the listing.

  2. Under ShowintTime Front Desk

    1. “Allow Showing Agents to Request Appts Online” — “Yes”

    2. “Allow Showing Agents to Request Virtual Appointments” — “In-Person and Virtual Appts”

  3. Under the “Default Configuration”

    1. Under Appointment Settings

      1. “Appointment Type” —usually use “Appointment Required, Confirm With Any”, but if the property is vacant, may use “Go and Show”

      2. “Is this a listing agent accompanied showing?” — usually “No”

      3. “Request Feedback?” — ALWAYS “Yes”

      4. “Feedback Template” dropdown menu — “Fundytus Team Feedback Form”

      5. “Is the property occupied” — is there someone living there?

    2. Under “Contacts”

      1. Add in the contact details of the person who is responsible for confirming, declining, and rescheduling appointments. This is typically the owner’s responsibility as they will have full control, however, there may be times that a listing agent or team member will be listed as well to confirm appointments.

        1. Add in their phone number if they wish to be contacted via text or phone and email if they wish to be contacted that way (we will need at least one or the other)

        2. Be sure to select the way they would like to be contacted. This information can be found in the client’s Google Drive Intake Form under “Showing Instructions”

      2. Change Nick’s information to:

        1. Under “Can Confirm Appts By:” — “Send an FYI” and select Text and Email. He may go in and change this.

        2. Under “Notify of Confirmed/Canceled Appts By:” — Text and Email

      3. Add in the co-listing agent if there is one

    3. Under “Appointment Restrictions”

      1. “Allow Inspections and Walk-Throughs?” — “Yes”

      2. “Allow Appraisals?” — “Yes”

      3. “Advanced Notice” — how much time do they need? They will indicate in the Google Intake Form (If they live in the house, they will most likely choose a minimum of 24 hours lead time)

      4. “Minimum Appointment Length” — 15 minutes

      5. “Maximum Appointment Length” — 30 minutes (may change to be longer, the 30-minute restriction is due to COVID (This will not include inspections or appraisals)

      6. “Allow Scheduling Overlaps?” — because of COVID, “No, Exclusive appointment requests only”

      7. “Buffer Time Between Appointments if Scheduling Overlaps are not Allowed” dropdown menu — “No Buffer Time”

      8. To add a new Showing Rule, click the blue button

        1. Title your restriction (can just be “Showing Restriction”)

        2. Edit the time and date information to reflect the information the owners have given you

        3. It can be a one-time, one-day rule, or can be a repeating one. If you prefer to work with an actual calendar to enter this information, scroll down to the second tab “Restrictions & Exceptions”

    4. Under“Access Information”

      1. Enter gate code if there is one

      2. Enter alarm details if there is an alarm by selecting the “Yes” box

      3. “How can the agent access the home?” — choose from the dropdown menu

      4. “Manage Key Sets” — Are keys available at a remote location for the agent to pickup to access the home?” (are they at the brokerage or somewhere else?” — select Yes or No

    5. Under “Additional Instructions”

      1. Under “Notes for Appt. Staff” — fill from the “Add From Predefined Notes” and feel free to add any information the front desk staff may need to book if someone chooses to contact that way

        1. Typically include “30 minute showings blocks only” and “24 Hour Notice Required”

      2. Under “Notes for Showing Agent” — fill from the “Add From Predefined Notes” and add any information from the “Rep Remarks” section of the MLS listing

        1. Typically include “Buyers must be accompanied by showing agent at all times. Please do not adjust thermostat. Please leave lights as you found them. Please provide feedback. Please remove shoes or wear booties. Property is owner-occupied. Return and secure key in lockbox. Please respect Covid Showing Protocol: maximum 3 people including agent, sanitize hands and wear mask at all times.”

      3. Under “Driving Directions” — copy/paste the directions you have on the MLS listing page

  4. Under the second tab at the top titled “Restrictions & Exceptions”

    1. This is where you can also add and adjust showing restrictions or exceptions in a calendar format. Whatever you add to this spot will appear in the “Appointment Restrictions” section on the first tab and vice versa

  5. Under the third tab at the top titled “Listing Data”

    1. Enter as much information as you have to fill this out

      1. Under “Additional Listing Information” — add the full address as much fo the rest of the information you have

      2. Under “Room Counts and Sizes” — enter the room dimensions you go from the iGuide

      3. Under “General Details” — Alot of this we do not fill in, however add:

        1. Next to “Type” — Residential

        2. Next to “Style” — Freehold, semi-detatched, townhome, rowhome, condo

        3. Next to “Year Built” — add info from MLS

        4. Next to “Fireplaces” — add the number of fireplaces

        5. Next to “Garage/Parking” — add how many of each

      4. Under “Selling Information”

        1. Next to “Commission Rate” — 2.5%

        2. Next to “Selling Agent ID” — fundyni

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