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An exclusive listing is one that is not listed on the MLS.

Why would we list a property exclusively?

  • To test the price in the market before listing on the MLS

  • To sell a property for a seller who values their privacy and does not want an MLS listing

  • To give a “soft listing” period where it can be marketed to other realtors before it is truly ready for the MLS


  • An exclusive listing needs its own listing agreement, separate from any MLS listing agreement that may also be signed.

  • Property sign needs an “exclusive” topper (ordered by admin when ordering sign placement).

  • Admin adds the property to our website

    • Create an MLS listing for the property (incomplete, in this case) and emails it to xsvjsgn0gc@thickbrick.ca so that it will populate the details into our website.

    • Add a virtual tour: Copy IGuide link, go to “Dwelling Details” and paste link.

    • Erase the beginning of the link that it goes from this: https://youriguide.com/281_clarence to this: 281_clarence

    • Click “save.”

  • Admin checks that listing is uploaded properly into Faltour:

    • Listing Agreement & Schedule A uploaded together

    • Fintrac

    • WWR

    • Showing Instructions

  • Admin runs ads for this phase of the listing life cycle

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