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An exclusive listing is one that is not listed on the MLS.

Why would we list a property exclusively?

  • To test the price in the market before listing on the MLS

  • To sell a property for a seller who values their privacy and does not want an MLS listing

  • To give a “soft listing” period where it can be marketed to other realtors before it is truly ready for the MLS


  • An exclusive listing needs its own listing agreement, separate from any MLS listing agreement that may also be signed.

  • Property sign needs an “exclusive” topper (ordered by admin when ordering sign placement).

  • Admin adds the property to our website

    • Go to nickfundytus.ca/admin

    • Click ‘Listings’ on Left hand side

    • Duplicate a similar existing listing (e.g., if you are listing a condo, duplicate an old condo listing).

    • Click on your duplicate and begin making the listing by editing the appropriate information.

    • There are two sections to edit: WordPress and Elementor.

    • In Wordpress:

      • Input the asking price (xxx,xxx)

      • Number of bedrooms

      • Number of Bathrooms

      • Open Houses (None Scheduled)

      • Enter condo fees if applicable

      • Schools nearby (use HOODQ)

      • Property Taxes

      • Walk, Bike and Transit score (Google this)

      • Major grocery stores (Google this)

      • Neighbourhood

      • In excerpt 2: write a one catchy singular sentence about the subject property.

      • Upload feature image (does not necessarily have to be of front of house)

    • In Elementor:

      • Use the link provided by PODDER media to input the 3D tour. Ensure to only edit the portion of the HTML code between quotation marks. Everything else needs to be kept the same for proper formatting.

      • Upload Floor plans, Status Certificate (if applicable) and HoodQ report by sharing the link from the drive. Make sure that your link is viewable to anyone who has the link as opposed to being restricted.

      • edit the Key Features portion by highlighting the best features of the home.

      • Insert Media (no limit as to number of photos).

      • You can add rental items, utilities, condo fees, inclusions, exclusions, at the bottom of the listing. Use existing listings on our website for formatting and examples.

  • Admin checks that listing is uploaded properly into Nexone:

    • Listing Agreement & Schedule A uploaded together

    • Fintrac

    • WWR

    • Showing Instructions

  • Admin makes social media post

    • Go to VistaCreate

    • Duplicate an “exclusive” IG post

    • Edit the duplicated post for your select property

    • Download Image once complete and post to Nick’s Socials through Meta.

    • Use Chat GPT to create a catchy caption with appropriate hashtags to highlight the properties best features!

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