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The Business Funnel is a way of thinking about how our business makes money. It is important to note that a client needs to make it all the way through the funnel before we can be paid a commission.


Fundytus Inc’s Business funnel can be thought of as moving people from People to Leads to Clients to Contracts to Closings.


These are all people who might potentially work with us. They can be separated into those we have met, and those we have not met yet. At this stage our aim is to let more people know about us and find out who might be leads for our business.


These are people who have expressed an interest in buying or selling a home. Our aim at this stage is to provide value and position ourselves as the person that they will use in their purchase or sale.


Clients have made a mutual commitment with us to work together to buy or sell a home. We have earned the right to do the work of an agent for them and they have earned the right to our full attention. They have a pre-approval with a lender and have signed a Listing Agreement or a Buyer Representation Agreement. At this stage our aim is to help them reach the contract stage by selling their home or finding the right home.


A client is under contract when they have an accepted offer in place. Our aim at this stage is to reach a successful closing for our clients, and earn referrals to our next clients.


A closing means a successful move for our clients and a commission for us! There are great opportunities for referrals at this stage if we’ve laid the groundwork.

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