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A brief explanation of client appreciation events.


Our team holds client events to increase our sales and client opportunities through repeat and referral business. Client events achieve this by:

  • Providing friendly touchpoints to past clients via the advertising, the event itself and the follow-up to the event.

  • Deepening existing relationships

  • Positioning our team as one who goes beyond the transaction

  • Giving our past clients a positive story to share with friends, family and colleagues

Who is it for?

Client events are for all people that we know that have reached the “active” stage or beyond. It is not for leads or prospects.

Proposed Client Events for 2024

  • Q1

  • Q2

    • Spring Tire Change Day

  • Q3

    • Ice Cream Giveaway

  • Q4

    • Thanksgiving pie giveaway

    • Fall Tire Change Day

    • RHOP Spaghetti Dinner

    • Hallowe’en Food Drive

    • Perogy Party

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