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Intended Result

To provide accountability and motivation to team members, and troubleshoot potential issues early.


How to run a weekly “Level 10” meeting. Adapted from Rocket Fuel, (Wickman & Winters, 2015).


Link to minutes for our weekly L10 Meeting

Scorecard for our weekly L10 Meeting

The weekly level 10 Meeting:

  • Who: Visionary, Integrator and full Leadership Team

  • Where: The office conference room.

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Frequency: Every week

  • Prework: 90-Day Priorities established and captured in a one-page document; Scorecard filled in; Issues Solving Track (IDS-Identify, Discuss, Solve) understood by everyone.

  • One person must run the meeting, and this should be the Integrator once they know how to do it. This person manages the agenda and keeps everyone on Track. They also make sure that the agenda, scorecard and 90-Day Priorities documents are in front of everyone in each meeting. They update the To-Do List and Issues Lists in the agenda each week.

Weekly Level 10 Meeting Agenda

  • Segue (Good News): 5 minutes

  • Scorecard: 5 minutes

  • 90-Day Priority Review: 5 minutes

  • Customer/Employee Headlines: 5 minutes

  • To-Do List: 5 minutes

  • IDS (Issues List): 60 minutes

  • Conclude: 5 minutes

    • Recap To-Dos

    • Cascading Messages

    • Rating 1-10

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