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Explanation of our team’s Social Media Management System.


Some key software and apps are:

  1. Meta Business Manager/Ads Manager - Used for posting on Facebook and Instagram

  2. Later - Used for scheduling posts across various platforms

  3. VistaCreate - Used to create on-brand visuals for posts


Our team posts across several channels:

  1. Main channels

    1. Nick Fundytus’ YouTube

    2. Nick Fundytus’ Business Facebook Page

    3. Nick Fundytus’ Instagram

  2. Secondary Channels

    1. Individual team members’ Social accounts

    2. Twitter

    3. LinkedIn

How this system works

Our Social Media Management system serves our marketing system by creating awareness and aiding conversion by building familiarity and trust.

  1. Our team creates useful content, generally a video on YouTube a blog at

  2. Our marketing administrator creates social media content to drive views and clicks to our content.

    1. Our marketing administrator tailors the visual and written content to the medium

    2. Our marketing administrator schedules posts for maximum impact, and for efficiency.

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