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Event Planning Procedures

Charity Bonspiel (March) (see Drive → CEO → Client Appreciation Events → Bonspiel)

A curling event to raise money for the Royal LePage Women’s Shelter Foundation. This event is a one day curling tournament that includes food, silent auction, 50/50 draw and drinks. 

  1. Book curling club for a saturday, about 4-5 lanes needed. A place that include a lounge and catering options. 

    1. Previously hosted at the RA centre, prefer the Rideau Curling Club

  2. Arrange food and drink with the club

  3. Arrange for video and photography for the day (Boom Media)

  4. Put the word out to clients, friends, family, colleagues and get as many teams signed up as possible

  5. Start reaching out to local businesses for silent auction donations

    1. In the drive folder is a list of everyone who donated last year, feel free to start with them and then branch out

  6. Reach out to the Algonquin College radio program to see if students would be able to do a live broadcast of the curling tournament

  7. Get first, second and third place trophies made (Quest Awards). Nick will let you know what he wants written on them 

  8. Fill out the fundraiser event form (in the drive folder) and send it to the Shelter Foundation (Carly Neill carlyneill@royallepage.ca

Tire Change Day

An event hosted twice a year (April and November) where we have our clients bring their cars in with their summer/winter tires and change them for free.

  1. Event is hosted at Krishna’s Auto Repair. Owners name is Krishna (613) 230-0924. Call him about a month in advance to book the day. 

    1. On a satuday from 10:00am-3:00pm

  2. Nick will send out an email invite to the event and we include it in our newsletters as a reminder

  3. Client thank you gifts, we hand out after our clients leave with their tires changed. We like to have it be something car related. In the past we’ve had windshield wiper fluid, indoor cleaning wipes and drying clothes. 

  4. Shopping/refreshments:

    1. A case of water, a few juice boxes for the kids

    2. Some cookies and muffins

    3. Tim Hortons - as for the 12 cup, it comes with cups, creme, sugar, milk, everything you need. *Tip: call in the morning, about a hour before, to order the 12 cups. It takes some time to prepare. 

  5. Arrange for video and photography for the day (Boom Media)

Pumpkin Pies

Done the week before Thanksgiving weekend at Nick’s house. Shopping should be done the end of the previous week. 

  1. Talk to Gill (Nick’s wife) to see what kind of ingredients she already has at home and buy whatever else is needed

  2. Find the recipe in the Drive folder to determine how much of everything you need

  3. Invite list: active clients for that year, any referrals and some of the other professionals we work with regularly (see previous invite lists in Drive folder)

  4. Nick invites recipients to his how to pick up the pies, but you may have to do a few deliveries. 

Holiday Kick-Off Party

End of November party to kick off the holiday season! A party hosted at Nick’s house where we cook classic Ukrainian food, have drinks and socialize! We also bake cookies to give out as party favours

  1. Shopping and cooking happen the entire week before the party. A shopping list can be found in the Drive folder, Nick can send you pictures of the recipes incase my list is confusing. 

  2. Invites: Andrea Tsang has designed an invite for us in the past that we really like. You can email her and ask if she can change the date from last years invites and print some new ones for us. 

  3. Arrange for video and photography for the day (Boom Media)

Summer Events

We usually host a client event in the summer, in the past we’ve done a music trivia, movie day and a bowling day. These events could be repeated or a new idea can come about.

Music Trivia

  1. Previously hosted at Flapjacks, but any restaurant that is somewhat private and Nick is able to see everyone would do

  2. Arrange for food, normally some finger foods or apps will do, as well as drinks. Previously we did 2 free drink tickets.

  3. Inquire if the venue has a sound system so that Nick can play his music playlists for the game 

  4. Arrange for video and photography for the day (Boom Media)

Movie Day

  1. Hosted at the Mayfair Theatre. Simply call and ask to speak with the manager and he will let you know of their availability

  2. Ask for them to keep the concession open and keep a tally of everything, Nick will pay at the end

  3. We previously did 2 movies, Moana and the Goonies, a kids movie and an adult movie. The theatre requires that you provide them with a Blueray version of the movies. 

  4. Arrange for video and photography for the day (Boom Media)

Bowling Day

  1. Previously hosted at McArthur bowling alley. Reserve about 10 lanes, depends on how many people RSVP

  2. Food: the bowling alley will order the pizza and drinks for you from Louie’s pizza (it takes time for the pizzas to come in, I suggest ordering the pizza as soon as you get there.)

  3. Buy a few prizes for people with the highest score etc. (see Drive folder for contest sheet)

  4. Party favours: candy bags with a pop-by tag (Buffini) 

  5. Arrange for video and photography for the day (Boom Media)

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