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This section explains the brand identity as well as how the business is organized.


Brand Identity

Nick Fundytus is Ottawa’s People-First Realtor. This identity is covered in detail in the My Brand section.

“Three Hats” Organization of Tasks

Every task in the business falls under one of three categories, the CEO, COO and CFO. Just as the executives with these job titles would have different roles within a large company, so we can think of our tasks like this and it helps to understand how each tasks affects the business how much priority it should be given.

CEO - Chief Executive Officer - Sales and Marketing.

COO - Chief Operations Officer - Operations and day to day tasks that do not generate new business.

CFO - Chief Financial Officer - Clerical and expenses

In general, we try to spend as much time as possible on CEO tasks to grow the business, and the other roles as needed. Different positions on the team have different responsibilities in each sphere.

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