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to revisit what metrics we track as a team, so that we can focus on the most important ones. This will:

  • allow us to compare year-over-year

  • allow us to hold each other accountable

How we measure in 2024

Our daily and weekly activities are recorded on the 2024 Daily Check-In form on Monday.com

We use two check-in forms for measuring our performance in 2024. The daily form must be filled in before meeting with the team each day. The weekly form should be filled in on Fridays. Chelsea is an accountability partner to each of us for making sure that this is done.

What did we track in 2023?

  • Prospecting hours by agent

  • Calls made by Karim to his sphere

  • People added by Karim to his sphere

  • Showings by agent

  • Offers Written by agent

  • Rental Applications Written by agent

  • Offers accepted by agent

  • Rental applications accepted by agent

  • Offers accepted on our listings

  • Listing Appointments

  • Seller leads generated by agent

  • Seller leads generated by ads

  • Buyer leads generated by agent

  • Buyer leads generated by ads

  • Videos published

  • Marketing hours

  • Reviews Received

  • Tech hours

  • Board Warnings

  • Hub Reminders

  • Closings received

Which ones can go?

  • Calls made by Karim and people added by Karim - We can make these more universal

  • Offers accepted on our listings - Maybe this needn’t be different from “under contracts.” Really what we want to know is listings taken vs. listings sold

  • Offers accepted - Maybe this should be offers firm

  • Videos published - Maybe let’s focus on being consistent with certain types of videos

  • Marketing hours - Maybe it’s time to retire this one

  • Reviews received - Unsure. Easy enough to measure at the end of the year

  • Tech hours - Retire this

  • Board warnings - maybe just count it if we’re board warning free (yes/no?)

  • HUB reminder - Same as above

  • Closings received - Unnecessary

What should we measure in 2024?

Each agent needs an ABI and RBI board. Can we print these?

We can use the FUB stats to help us with these (calls, texts, emails, meetings)

New in italics. All measurables by agent unless otherwise stated

  • Prospecting hours

  • Showings

  • BRA’s Signed

  • Offers Written

  • Rental applications written

  • Offers received on our listings - move to intake sheet

  • Listing Appointments

  • Seller leads generated

  • Buyer leads generated

End of week data could be collected at the beginning of the L10 and be things like:

  • Voice to voice or Face to Face conversations (Standard is 100 when added to text conversations)

  • Text conversations

  • People added to database

  • Firm Deals

  • Firm Rentals Accepted

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