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Explanation of using paperwork professionally as “Service as Marketing.”


Create more closed sales and referral opportunities using standard listing paperwork. Using paperwork professionally increases our total commission and decreases relative spend on Marketing. This works by:

  • Demonstrating our skill and understanding, which increases our value to each client

  • Providing opportunities to share our skills to “haven’t mets.”

  • Increasing client comfort and confidence through the transaction, making them more likely to close

  • Adding to the “story” that clients tell about us when referring us

Tips and Examples for using paperwork as marketing

  • Show clients that you know your stuff. Fill in forms together with them in situations like an offer, if the situation lends itself to it, or walk them through each clause of a prewritten offer.

  • Share pre-recorded videos on each form to leads, prospects and clients - “While I prepare your offer, have a look at these videos and let me know what questions you have.”

  • Walk a client through a clause - “The Buyer’s agent has included an escalation clause. This means that. . . “

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