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What is it?

  • communication tool that is integrated with Trello

  • allows you to create “channels” to organize chats in to specific categories

  • the channels are displayed on the left hand side of the page

  • each channel is separate so that you can organize conversations

  • this is a better option over text as you do not have to explain the context or what information belongs to what situation

  • there is an app pinned to your desktop

  • also, download the phone app

  • if they are SELLING/LISTING, their channel is their address (ex: #123main)

  • if they are a BUYER, their channel is their name (ex: #johndoe #johnandjane)

  • when you are writing in a channel and you want the person you are chatting to to see it ASAP, simply @ them as shown bellow

  • if you do this, this will push an alert to the receiver

  • you can send images, video, documents, and link to Trello!

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