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This phase starts with first contact with a Seller lead, and ends with signed listing paperwork. This page is all the steps that we need to take in this phase.


1) Receiving the lead and setting the meeting.

  • Seller lead contacts us.

    • Ask qualifying questions

    • Gather identifying information

    • Do not discuss commission on the phone or via email if it can be avoided. This should be done in person.

    • Set a time and place to meet that all decision makers can be present.

  • Add meeting to Google calendar, and invite Seller to the appointment via email. Set calendar to give a one-day, and if appropriate, one-week reminder to everyone.

  • Lead and contact details are added to Trello Buyer Pipeline under “Leads.”

  • Contact details are added to the CRM as a “Hot Lead.”

  • Admin prepares-pre-listing package.

    • Admin calls lead to ask where they would like to receive the package, and takes down the details.\

    • If no response, package is dropped off at lead’s home or couriered and lead is notified via email.

  • Lead prepares Comparative Market Analysis for the home.

  • Lead personalizes a copy of the listing presentation, if needed, which includes:

    • Visual aids.

    • Checklists of questions.

  • Lead OR Admin sends an “I’m looking forward to sitting down with you tomorrow” email which includes a Bombbomb Video to break the ice.

2) The Listing Presentation

This is typically only attended by the Lead, but in some situations the Admin may join.

  • Lead checks to ensure he has everything he needs.

    • CMA

    • Visual aids

    • Contracts

    • Information on nearby sales

  • Lead arrives 15 minutes early.

  • Steps for meeting

    • Introduce and see if there are any immediate questions. Take notes.

    • Ask for tour of the house, noting especially:

      • Age of systems

      • Upgrades

      • Positives and Negatives

      • Schools, if known

      • Neighbourhood details.

    • Ask clients for their opinion of price, explaining that you’ve already written yours down.

    • Sit down and discuss CMA.

    • Assumptive close. Discuss next steps and when they’d like to have a sign in the ground. Would they like to do paperwork now or via electronic signing?

    • Thank Sellers for the meeting and explain your follow-up plan:

      • Calling on ___ date at ___ time.

3) Winning or Losing

  • If we win the listing, on to pre-listing phase.

  • If we lose, lead calls for follow-up:

    • Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Who will be listing?

    • Price?

    • Date?

    • Anything I would do differently that would have earned the business?

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