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Explanation of our tracking and measuring systems. These systems track:

  • Where our business is coming from

  • What activities we are completing and what results we are getting

  • Where money is going in and out of our business


We use three main pieces of software for our Tracking and Measuring:

  • Follow Up Boss - Deal Pipeline

  • - Daily activities and KPI’s

  • Quickbooks - Money

How these systems work

  • Deal Pipeline

    • Tracks where our clients come in from, and where they are in the purchase or sale process.

    • We use a kanban-style board in Follow Up Boss that is linked to tasks for our team members at each stage of the process.

  • Daily activities (ABI) and key performance indicators (KPI)

    • We track daily activities (ABI = Activity Based Indicators) and the results (KPI = Key Performance Indicators) to see if our business is matching our goals.

    • ABI’s are recorded by our administrative manager on her daily 3 pm check-in with our team. These are charted and graphed so that we can see how they affect our KPI’s.

    • ABI’s are things that are directly in our control, like hours spent prospecting or offers written.

  • Money

    • All income and expenses are recorded in Quickbooks and monitored by our team’s accountant.

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