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The HUB has simplified how we do commission splits for buyer agents on our team. When a buyer agent joins a real estate team, they will agree to commission splits depending on where the lead came from. Each team will have a different split and cover different fees depending on the agreement with their lead agent.

If you are unsure if there is a split in commission on a file, ask Nick.

If there is a split on commission, when you are allocating commission in Nexone under the “Agents” tab you want to do the following:

  1. Navigate to the “Agents” tab on the transaction

  2. Select “Edit”

  3. Add the agents on the deal including any agents on our team and the agent from the other side

  4. Refer to the Confirmation of Cooperation to see what the commission amount is. (If this is our listing, please refer to the Listing Agreement for our side’s commission

  5. (If this is a buyer deal) add in the “Selling Side Commission” and include either the percentage or the $ amount.

  6. Under the individual agent sections below, make sure Nick is listed as the lead agent and the buyers agent is set as a “Selling Team Member” or “Listing Team Member” under “Type”

  7. Under “Commission Type” select “% of listing side commission” (if a listing) or “select “% of selling side commission (if a purchase) and add the percentage

  8. Nexone will let you know if you have allocated commission correctly or not.

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