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To close more business with leads from buyer and seller-focused ad campaigns on social media. These form two new pillars of our lead-generation strategy.


We will run two ad campaigns regularly in 2024. One will be focused on attracting Buyers, and one will be focused on attracting Sellers. These will be:

  • Video first

  • Link to our website

  • Run across YouTube, Meta and Reddit as paid ads

  • Post on Google My Business for Organic Views


Here's a draft script with some scene/story beats for a commercial that's between 30 seconds to 1 minute in length:

Title: "Sell Your Home Fast and for the Right Price with [Your Name]"

Duration: 45-60 seconds

Script & Scene Breakdown:

  1. Opening Scene (5-7 seconds)

    • Scene: Aerial view of a beautiful neighborhood in Ottawa.

    • Voiceover: "Looking to sell your home in Ottawa?"

  2. Introducing Yourself (5 seconds)

    • Scene: You (the Realtor) standing in front of a 'Sold' sign outside a home.

    • Voiceover: "I'm [Your Name], your local real estate expert."

  3. Highlighting Expertise (5-7 seconds)

    • Scene: Quick cuts of you with clients, at open houses, and analyzing market data.

    • Voiceover: "With years of experience and a dedicated team, we know exactly what it takes to sell homes quickly and efficiently."

  4. Understanding Client Needs (5 seconds)

    • Scene: You in a meeting with a diverse set of clients, listening and taking notes.

    • Voiceover: "We start by understanding your unique needs."

  5. Professional Home Staging (5 seconds)

    • Scene: Your team members (Karim, Max, Chelsea, Hannah) staging a home.

    • Voiceover: "Our team, including expert stagers, ensures your home looks its best."

  6. Effective Marketing Strategy (5-7 seconds)

    • Scene: Display of professional photos being taken, creation of listings, and digital marketing efforts.

    • Voiceover: "Using professional photography and a tailored marketing strategy, we attract the right buyers."

  7. Negotiation and Closing (5-7 seconds)

    • Scene: You shaking hands with clients, signing paperwork, happy family with sold sign.

    • Voiceover: "We negotiate the best price and handle all the details for a smooth closing."

  8. Testimonials (5 seconds)

    • Scene: Quick soundbites or quotes from satisfied sellers.

    • Voiceover: "Just listen to what our satisfied clients have to say."

  9. Call to Action (5 seconds)

    • Scene: You with contact information on screen.

    • Voiceover: "Ready to sell? Contact [Your Name] and team today and let's get started!"

  10. Closing Scene (3-5 seconds)

    • Scene: Your logo and brokerage information.

    • Voiceover: "Your home, our expertise. [Your Name] at Royal LePage Performance Realty."


  • Ensure each scene is visually appealing and professionally shot.

  • Include diverse clients in the scenes to appeal to a broad audience.

  • Use soft background music to enhance the viewing experience.

  • Make sure your contact information is clear and easy to remember.

Remember, this script is a starting point and can be tailored to better fit your style, your team's unique strengths, and the specific needs of your target market in Ottawa.

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