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How to write a calendar invitation to a new lead or someone that we don’t know too well yet. Calendar invitations are great because we can see when clients accept them and know that the message has reached them. It’s also a professional method of communication.


Best Practices

  • Send the invitation directly from Nick’s Google Calendar. For buyer agents without access to Nick’s calendar, invite Nick as well so I can see it on my calendar.

  • Fill out details like street addresses and contact phone numbers. This way if we’re running late we can easily reach the client.

  • Include a summary of the meeting and what will be discussed.

  • If it is a zoom meeting, put the invitation link in text so that it is easily found.

Script for Listing Presentation

Title: Property visit for (client names)

Location: Property address

Hi __________,

Here’s the zoom link for our first virtual site visit at your home at (address). The purpose of this first visit will be to take detailed notes on your home so that I can create an accurate valuation for listing. If you haven’t yet, please fill out the first section of our shared Google sheet with any notes on upgrades, systems and special features of your home. I’ll plan on arriving a few minutes early so that we can start right on time.

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