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Procedures for the annual Bonspiel for Shelter. This is a fundraiser for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and a touch point for our clients and community.

  • to raise money for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation

  • curling day

  • appx 16-18 teams of 4-6

  • guaranteed four 1-hour games

  • silent auction

  • 50/50

  • catered lunch

  • must pay to register team

What do you have to do (admin)?

Location Searching + Catering

  • find the correct location (all info as of Jan 2020)


      • 6132353662

      • $100 +HST per sheet for 2 hrs

      • max 8 ppl per sheet

      • 5 sheets total

      • Sats available after 2pm


      • 6132329665

      • $100 per sheet for 2 hrs

      • 5 sheets

      • can work out deal if longer (ie: block of 4 hours could $80) per 2 hrs

    • RA CENTRE: Riverside

      • 6137366209

      • (Melody Rochon)

      • 6 sheets available

      • $47.25 per sheet per hour


      • 6137221843


    • CARLETON HEIGHTS: Normandy


      • 6132246224

    • CITY VIEW CURLING: Capilano

      • 613-224-1737


    • NEPEAN SPORTSPLEX: Woodroffe

      • 613-580-2828


      • $52.80 per sheet for 2 hrs

      • 10 sheets

  • call around to find out who has the best rates and availability

  • while deciding on a location, keep in mind:

    • catering

    • food

    • serving alcohol

    • available equipment

    • place to set up silent auction

    • place to set up the meal

    • how many sheets of ice are available?

  • catering will be a different situation depending on the location you choose

  • For the Nepean Sportsplex, you have to deal with Tulips and Maple for catering and can reserve the bar and its tables free of charge as long as the date is available

Social Media Marketing

  • create advertisements for the event

  • create social media posts for all channels like:

  • also create a few different shaped flyers to post online and send out to curling clubs around Ottawa. This way they can print and post the actual flyer

Silent Auction

  • create your initial email template

  • here is the one for 2020

SUBJECT: I need you! Curling for a Cause (Fundraiser Sponsorship Opportunity)

Hi _,

I am reaching out because Nick Fundytus Realty is hosting its second annual “Bonspiel for Shelter” Curling Fundraising event supporting the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. Last year, we raised over $2,500 for this incredible charity through donations, a silent auction, and 50/50 raffle. 

The Bonspiel is a fun filled day of friendly curling at the Nepean Sportsplex catered by Tulips and Maple, and all for a fantastic cause. This year, we have 16 teams of all experience levels and are expecting upwards of 75 attendees. 

Would you be interested in donating to this fundraiser in the form of a silent auction prize or cash donation to the Bonspiel? All donations will be highlighted on our social media and you will receive a press package with information about the Shelter Foundation, all necessary logos, and ready-made social media posts to show your involvement in this event. 

I love featuring local businesses on our social media and during events I host and think that yours would be a perfect fit!

Thank you for your time and please find attached the official sponsorship letter. If you would like to learn more about the Shelter Foundation, follow this link. If you would like to learn more about Nick Fundytus, feel free to check out our website or social media channels like Instagram and Facebook Page

Let me know if you are interested in taking part in the 2nd Annual Bonspiel for Shelter Curling Fundraiser and we will get the ball rolling!

  • create a spreadsheet to track who you are contacting and what they are donating

  • make sure to mention a thank you specifically in the emails that are sent to those that donated last year

  • check out the 2020 working spreadsheet here

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