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Intended Result

To streamline video creation for our team and our vendor partners.


Our team takes a video-first approach in our service and marketing. Video conveys feeling, body language and nuance in a way that is harder to capture in other methods, and is more scalable than one-on-one interaction.

This describes how to pitch a video idea to the team, and execute it on our monthly recording sessions.


Our Video Creative Requests Board is on Team members can pitch and champion videos through the process from idea to publishing.

How to Use

Video Instructions Here

  1. Place new ideas for the future on the “Video Requests and Ideas for Later” group. Add a description in the updates bubble.

  2. Place ideas for the next recording session on the “Video Shoot Month/Day” group.

    1. Add a description to the update bubble

    2. Tag what type of video it is

    3. Tag yourself as the champion in “who’s responsible ?”

    4. Create a script in the Shared Drive with Elephant Shoe (Using the template) and link it to the “Upload Script Here” column.

  3. Two weeks before shooting - Draft the first version of your script and mark as “Done” in the First Draft column of Monday. This will notify Nick that it’s ready to be looked over for edits.

  4. Nick edits or requests revision of your script and marks it “Done” in the Approved column.

  5. One week before shooting - Mark as “Done” in the “Is it Edited” column on Monday

  6. Nick will share all of the scripts with the Videographer one week before shooting, if we are not self-shooting.

  7. Shoot the video

  8. Subtitle the video using HappyScribe, or ask Stephanie to.

  9. Move the final version of the video to the appropriate home on our Drive.

  10. Link the video to the “Fundytus Team Content Library” and “Video Creative Requests” Boards to find it easily in the future.

  11. Publish the video to its final destination on the Web with appropriate hashtags and meta tags where appropriate, or ask Stephanie to.

  12. If this is a paid promotion begin advertising with Nick’s approval or ask Stephanie for help.

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