2024 AP - Hire three new Buyer Specialists in 2023. Keep 2 {{ currentPage ? currentPage.title : "" }}


To grow the team’s bottom line and to increase capacity for client service by adding Buyer Specialists. This will also allow Karim to move “up the ranks” to Lead Buyer Specialist.


  • Hire and train three Buyer Specialists early in 2024. Use LinkedIn and referral partners

  • Train thoroughly before allowing them to work with clients

    • FUB Training

    • Roleplay

    • Practice Contract Writing

    • BOLD style contacts (100 F2F + Texts)

    • Work as an ISA until ready

    • Video practice

    • Blog Writing

    • Social Media Posting

  • Karim oversees and acts as accountability partner

    • Karim gets 5% override on BA deals

    • Conducts weekly meetings

    • Acts as roleplay partner

  • 1 to 1 Referrals

    • For each active client the BA brings in, I will share one stronger lead (Warm sign call, referral). The others go to Karim. (Icenhower)

  • Set standards

    • Headset and Webcam - Equipment

    • Contact standards (100/wk)

    • Database Growth Standards (15/month)

    • Firm Deals Standard (18) - Can include listing ends brought to the team

    • Lowest-performing BA is let go, or any that don’t perform to standard.

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