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Instructions on how to run a monthly “same page" meeting for the Visionary and Integrator Seats of the team. This is a meeting adapted from Rocket Fuel, (Wickman and Winters, 2015)


  • This meeting is for the Visionary and Integrator seats only. It should be held once a month, and scheduled at the previous meeting, and held in person out of the office whenever possible.

  • Part 1 - Check In - (How are you doing? State of mind? Business and personal stuff?)

  • Part 2 - Build Issues List (bring issues to the meeting)

  • Part 3 - IDS (Identify, Discuss and Solve Issues)

    • Identify

      • The stated problem is rarely the real issue.

      • You have to dig down to find the real issue.

      • Don’t move forward until you clearly identify the real issue. Name it!

      • The objective is to state the real issue in one sentence and hit the root.

      • Once you have, then move to discuss and stay laser focused on the real issue until it is solved (no tangents).

    • Discuss

      • In an honest and open environment, everyone must share their thoughts, concerns, and solutions regarding the real issue.

      • Discuss and debate.

      • Everyone needs to get all they need to say out on the table, but only say it once. If you say it more than once, you are politicking.

      • Once everything is on the table and the discussion is getting redundant, it’s time for the solution.

    • Solve

      • With the greater good in mind, the solution is always simple, though sometimes not easy - and sometimes very hard.

      • It’s more important that you decide than it is what you decide. . . so decide!

      • The solution needs to be stated by someone until you hear the sweet sound of agreement.

  • Meeting notes will be written down by the Integrator, and stored in an agreed-upon file.

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