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Every week, each agent must:

  • Film Weekly Series

  • Upload to YouTube

  • Make Blog post on NickFundytus.ca

  • Film BombBomb

Please keep a spreadsheet or some kind of way to track what you’re talking about and when.

There should be no repeats unless intentional!

Filming Weekly Series:

Nick Answers Reddit, #CoffeewithKarim, Max’s Deal of the Week.

Upload to YouTube:

Due: Wednesdays

Make sure to follow these steps when uploading a video to YouTube.

  • Consistent Title, must include series title.

    • i.e. Max’s Deal of the Week | 26 Desjardins

    • i.e. #CoffeewithKarim | Winter home inspection?

    • i.e. Nick Answers Reddit | Never do this!

  • Write a description.

    • The description must include the topic or property of the week and 2-3 sentences of overview.

    • The description must include social media/contact information.

    • The description must include a call to action.

      • i.e.

        This week: 26 Desjardins Avenue, Lowertown, Ottawa.

        26 Desjardins is a duplex in Lowertown with ……….

        Max’s Deal of the Week is a series that covers one rare gem in Ottawa at a time. Whether it’s incredible low prices or properties that simply punch way above their weight class, make sure you subscribe & hit the bell so you don't miss any opportunities.

        Interested in this property? Reach out at www.nickfundytus.ca, or on our social media.

        If you’d like to be first in line for these updates, let me know and I’ll put you on our email list for priority clients.

        Social Media Linktree

        Max: https://shor.by/MaxBalan

        Karim: https://shor.by/KarimAli

        Nick: https://shor.by/NickFundytus

        View all of our listings at: www.nickfundytus.ca/listings/

    • The description must not include all of the links to our Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. - that is what ShorBy is for.

  • Select a thumbnail.

    • Max must pick the property he is highlighting and share it in WCR channel on Tuesdays so Marketer can make the thumbnail.

    • Karim & Nick are to simply select the thumbnail that is most eye-catching of the auto-options.

  • Set to not made for kids.

  • Scroll down and click show more.

    • Add mandatory tags: nick fundytus, fundytus, ottawa, realtor, ontario, real estate.

    • Add additional tags: i.e. firstname lastname, lastname, streetname, topic.

  • Click next. Click add an end screen (add).

    • Select the option for 1 video, 1 subscribe or 1 playlist, 1 subscribe.

    • You can move the end screen panels as needed, and then hit save.

  • Click next twice.

  • Set video to public. Do not set to instant premiere.

  • Save and post!

Make Blog Post on NickFundytus.ca:

Due: Wednesdays

Your work is not done. You now need to move your series from YouTube to our website as a blog post.

  • Navigate to nickfundytus.ca/admin and enter the login details.

  • Under blog administration click posts.

  • On the top right, click add post.

  • Set your title: it should more or less match the title of your YouTube video.

  • Edit your slug:

    • The “slug” is the URL trail. It does play a small role in Search Engine Optimization, but overall is just to make the URL easier for the user.

    • If your title is: Max's Deal of the Week | 26 Desjardins Avenue

      The slug will be: maxs-deal-week-26-desjardins-avenue

      A better option is: 26-desjardins-ave, or desjardins-investment-property

    • 💡Best practices:

      • Slug should be concise, descriptive, no underscores or special characters aside from hyphens.

      • For more info.

  • Set yourself as author.

  • Write your blog post.

    • DO NOT just post the video and title. We are sending readers here! That’s not quality content.

    • Write a description! It can be the one from your YouTube video, altered. Please see Nick’s examples of blog posts as the gold standard.

  • Include contact information.

    • At least your Shor.By link, phone number, and email.

  • Scroll down and write the Meta Description.

    • 1-2 line description. You can copy and paste part of your description from above.

    • 💡What is a Meta Description?

      • When you google a website, the little blurb that is underneath the page title is most often the “Meta Description.” It is very important for SEO.

  • Scroll down and add Meta Keywords.

    • Add all of the following keywords:

      • realtors, real estate, real estate agent, ottawa, ontario, nick fundytus, fundytus,

    • Consider other keywords depending on your topic:

      • i.e. investment property, homebuyer, homes for sale,

    • 💡What are Meta Keywords?

      • These also help with SEO, indicating the main subjects your page discusses. You can use a free tool like this to find good relevant keywords to use as tags.

      • Is your property ideal for older people? Consider the meta tag: downsize, for example.

      • Learn more here.

  • Scroll to the last option “Sites” and click www.nickfundytus.ca. Ensure that it is highlighted so that your post goes public, rather than saved as draft.

  • Hit save!

Film BombBomb:

Due Thursdays, 10AM.

  • Your BombBomb needs to say more than just the three series.

    Take a moment to introduce your topic and why you chose to talk about it today. If you reference your colleagues’ series, make sure you have confirmed their topic and are on the same page. You can check the nickfundytus.ca/admin to see what your colleagues have posted, or on YouTube.

  • Take a moment to:

    • Share local events

    • Share something about yourself

    • Shoutout a place/business in Ottawa

    • Offer a service or lead magnet (i.e. professionals directory, buyer consultation, CMAs, etc.)

    • Anything!

  • It’s a good idea to include a call to action.

    • i.e. Spring is a great time for a check-up on your home.

      Do you know the value of your home? We can tell you!

      If you know someone who’s starting the moving process, check out our Buyers Guide.

When all steps are complete, post in WCR Google Chat that you have completed, give me the link to your Blog Post, and state what your topic is.

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