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Agent Resources

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What is Agent Resources

The Agent Resources page is available for all Royal LePage Performance staff. This is where you can find stats, market updates, logos, company information etc. 

How to access and what we use it for (monthly MLS stats)

  1. There is an “Agent Resources” bookmark and the URL is above (see image 25). There is a login required, this is provided by the reception desk and from there you can set your own password. They will help you set this up. 

  2. We use the Agent Resources to access the monthly MLS stats and charts to post on our website. Click on Stats and Market Share Graphs → “year” → OREB MLS Stats → “month” → MLS ___ ___ Stats (PNG)

  3. From here, you can download the images and embed them in the Prezi program to make the stats slideshow 

  4. These images will also be emailed to you monthly and you can access the images directly from the email.

  5. Once the Prezi is completed, embed the presentation onto our website as a blog post and take the latest article on the OREB website to go with it. Here is an example:

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