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To keep our seller clients informed and satisfied with improved follow up. A seller feeling that they are being ignored, or don’t know what to expect, is one of the easiest and fastest ways that relationships can break down with our clients. By setting a standard and holding ourselves accountable to that, we maximise the chance of successful relationships that result in closings, great reviews and referrals.


These are the standards for follow-up with Seller leads and clients:


Who is responsible?


Seller lead comes in and needs to be responded to.

Whoever receives the lead

Immediate. Within 5 minutes of receiving the lead if at all possible.

Homeowner requests a CMA

Whoever is handling the prospect may hand it to Nick or ask to do it themselves with Nick’s approval.

Within 2 business days, should be delivered as a downloadable pdf.

Seller client has a question

Nick or Chelsea

Within 2-3 business hours

Agent shows our listing. Seller wants feedback.


Calls and emails for feedback the morning after the showing. Keeps calling until feedback is received.

Enters agent details into FUB

Seller client wants to know how the listing is going overall.


Phone call or Google meet every Friday. Nick may email the day before asking if the Seller wants a meeting or not.

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