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How and when to post a “Deal of the Week” content piece.


To increase closed sales, in particular for Max, by creating a consistent content piece that informs and entertains. It introduces Max to Buyers and Sellers who may not know him, and reinforces his expertise among those that he already knows.


These steps and deadlines should be followed exactly each time. Consistency and quality is key for building and reinforcing awareness.

  1. This content piece is due each week at 11:59 pm on Wednesday.

  2. Create a “Max’s Deal of the Week” video and post it to YouTube

    1. Source a property that would make a good investment from the MLS

    2. Analyze the property for costs and revenues, and use these to create a financial snapshot Google Sheet of the property.

      1. You can access the template for this within Google Drive by right clicking and creating a sheet from a template.

    3. Write a script to discuss the pros and cons of this property (ChatGPT and Jarvis.ai are good tools to help with adjusting notes to fit)

      1. Start by stating why the property makes a good fit as an investment and who is it for: ie; flip, buy and hold, multi-unit investment

      2. Introduce yourself and that you are on the Nick Fundytus Team

      3. Go through the main numbers, highlight what’s important.

      4. Let viewers know that they can get the full financial breakdown on the blog.

    4. Record using a webcam and Prezi video at prezi.com. Nick has a login.

    5. When posting

      1. Tags need to include all standard tags for Max’s Deal of the Week, plus a comma-separated list of tags suitable to the content. A great way to generate these is with GPT or Jarvis.

      2. Include a text description of what Max’s Deal of the Week is about, plus what this particular video is about, ie: Every week Max breaks down the financial analysis of a property currently listed on the MLS. Max Balan is one of the expert Realtors on the Nick Fundytus team here in Ottawa and you can connect with him by subscribing here, on his socials and at nickfundytus.ca

      3. Include a link to your Shor.by and to our listings page

      4. Add to “Max’s Deal of the Week” playlist

      5. Upload a thumbnail

      6. If YouTube allows, include an end screen or next to recommend the next video and playlist

      7. Select “Publish Now”

  3. Gather information that you need:

    1. Script for Video

    2. Draft Blog for website (write it on Google Docs). Best to check this with GPT or Jarvis, which can also help create it from the Script

    3. Supporting Image to be main image for blog post (pexels.com is good for stock photography, a photo taken with people in it is best)

    4. Comma-separated list of tags for the post

  4. Open the admin side of nickfundytus.ca

  5. Add your main image in Media>Blog>Post Feature Images (tip, you can simply upload directly from the image address on Pexels or elsewhere using right click>copy image address)

  6. Create a new blog post

    1. Start in Wordpress Dashboard>Posts

      1. Copy test blog post OR a previous Coffee with Karim post

      2. Change the title to the question answered in the video, ie: What’s the cheapest or best time to buy a house in Ottawa

      3. Open Categories and click (where appropriate)

        1. Buyer Tips

        2. Homebuying

        3. Weekly Features

        4. Coffee with Karim

        5. any others that are appropriate

        6. Uncheck boxes that the post is not about

      4. Open tags and tag post

        1. Remove old tags if copying from another post

        2. Include standard tags for Coffee with Karim

        3. Include a comma-separated list of tags suitable to the content. A great way to generate these is with GPT or Jarvis.

      5. Select the featured image that you uploaded to Media earlier

      6. Add the excerpt: #CoffeeWithKarim

      7. Publish

    2. Edit with Elementor

      1. Ctrl+Alt+V is important here! Unlike Ctrl+V, it does not ruin formatting. Do not mess with formatting!

      2. The header image, title and excerpts that you edited in Dashboard are all un-editable from this view

      3. Embed the video

        1. This may be easiest to do by copying the block from an older Coffee with Karim post. Edit and change the URL in the embed code to your video’s URL, changing the word “shorts” to “embed.” This allows you to embed the video on the website.

        2. In the blue summary block

          1. Change the “Posted on__________” to the date you’re posting, and update the link to go back to your YouTube video or playlist

          2. Don’t change Coffee with Karim subheading

          3. Change title to the current video title.

          4. Change quotation to a key quotation from your article or script.

        3. Blog post text

          1. Follow style guidelines from previous blogs, copying and pasting if needed.

          2. Post your blog in the text area.

          3. End with a call to action to your

        4. Add bonus tips

          1. Likely it’s easiest to add a 10-tip box and then delete unneeded boxes. Jarvis or GPT can really help with this if you’d like.

        5. Update

  7. Review your post for format and accuracy.

  8. Record your Weekly Content Roundup summary video and publish to Bombbomb (no other platforms, since Hannah needs Bombbomb). This is the email that will go out with your Weekly Content Roundup newsletter

  9. Post the link to your blog and the bombbomb link to your summary video to the marketing group in GChat.

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