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The Scorecard is how we track everything from how much time is spent prospecting, how many leads were generated, how much money was spent, and much more.

  • The scorecard is filled out every week day at 3pm during the 3pm afternoon check-in

  • The administrative assistant fills out the card for everyone while on the call

How to fill out the scorecard:

Here is a video detailing exactly how to fill out the scorecard

  • Go through each column and ask each team member the question (ex: Nick, how many showings did you do since 3pm yesterday?)

  • Record the number and add any notes

  • The columns you should add notes to for future reference are;

    • Number of showings - try to record who and what addresses if possible

    • Number of offers written - for who and what address

    • If a Buyer or Seller get an accepted offer - for who and what address

    • Listing appointments - for who, what address, and do you think you will get it?

    • Seller and Buyer leads generated- what are their names, what address?

    • Any amount of money spent or received - what for and how much

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