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9-10am Prospecting (New)

10-11am Follow - up ( 7 Days of Love and 2 year nurture)

11-12 Prospecting (New)

  • Scripts/Training

  • FUB for the next day


How to prospect for new clients?

  1. Past clients referrals.

  • Call past clients, 30 days after they moved into their new house, 6 months after they moved in or 1 year after they moved in. Ask them how they are enjoying the house ( maybe keep a note on follow up boss if they have kids, pets, birthdays or anniversaries that is a point of conversation when you reach out to them and a good way to keep in touch and keep your relationship going after the sale of their home.

2. FSBO ( For sale by owner)

  • For sale by owners you will need to stay on top of, You will find them on Matrix under expired listings. You will contact the home owner and start with 3 simple questions.

3.SOI (Sphere of influence)

  • These are your people!! you’re staying in touch with these people you know and exponentially expanding your network of potential referral contacts. With the SOI method, if you’re marketing to 100 people in your SOI and they know 100 people too, this can be a very effective way to prospect.

4. Expired listing.

  • Expired listing is when a property hasn’t been sold by the end of the period agreed upon in the listing agreement. When the listing expires, sellers can choose to stay on with their current agent or they can decide to work with a new agent without incurring any penalty.

5. Circle prospecting.

  • Circle prospecting involves knocking on doors and physically approaching people within a certain geographical area and asking them for their business. You may also be knocking on their door regarding a listing in the area and you may want to gain some information on how they feel about the neighbourhood. Often times you will be talking to people who don’t t want to sell their home or haven’t been thinking about it. In these situation you can initiate dialogue and maintain conversation by talking to them about just listed or just sold.



At this time you will be following up on any emails, questions or anything that needs your attention or response. Any client that needs to be followed up with or someone who maybe asked for stats of a house that just sold or a neighbourhood with matured trees and close to transit. This is the time you will give your attention to clients who you have already reached out too or already have a relationship with. There is 2 drip campaigns you will be using (with clients permission) one is called 7 days of love and the other is a 2 year nurture)



This is where you will pick up from the morning. Check for expired listing, FSBO, reach out to SOI and past clients. Depending on your schedule/calendar for the day this is maybe where you can book door knocking for an hour, possibly where we have a listing, where we are going to have a listing or a neighbourhood that we want to market in.


Scripts and Training/ FUB for the next day

This is the time that you will review your scripts, see whats working and whats not. Possibly adjust as needed. Ensure you’re following scripts with the right calls and maybe set up a time with a team member to practice role play or another ISA in the office to go through scripts. The more you memorize a script the more organic the phone call will be.

During phone calls, take notes of how the conversation went and at the end of the day you can update everything into followup boss and tag the team accordingly. Make sure if you have set any appointments for team members you have put it in google calendar and sent a reminder note via slack or email to let them know.

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